Driving in Orlando is not as daunting as you might think.

Most of the cars here are automatic and the speed limits are strictly enforced.

The rules of the road are similar to Europe, but there are some differences.

Here are some tips that may help.


 It is the law in America to carry your driver's licence & insurance documents at all times. You must also carry your car rental papers in your car.


Driver and passengers must wear their seatbelts, children under 5 must use a car restraint seat. These can be hired from your car hire company. Often it can be cheaper to buy one in Walmart or Target. Sometimes some of our homes have one for the guests' use, check when booking.

Traffic Lights

In Florida it is legal to turn right on a red light, if it is safe to do so. At some junctions this is not allowed and there will be sign that reads NO RIGHT TURN ON RED.

Stop Signs

You must come to a COMPLETE stop at Stop signs. At 3 way and 4 way crossings, cars are to proceed in the order that they arrived at the stop sign.

School Buses

School buses are yellow and when loading or unloading children it will have flashing red lights and red extended side flags.

If you are on a single lane road or a highway that is not divided by a barrier then traffic in both directions must stop.


Must be switched on in rain, fog and at dusk.


Can only be carried in the trunk (boot) of the car.

Toll Booths

Do not use the left hand lane, this is for cars with tags. Should you find yourself in this lane by accident, drive through, do not stop as you may cause an accident.

Changing Lanes

Unlike Ireland & the UK, you can be overtaken on either side here.




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